Our firm strategy

Expertise in innovation is our reason for being in business.

A deeply-rooted culture of sourcing and innovation, which is reflected in our business relationships, through the solutions we develop and with the tools we use.

Management Innovation

Project management with an integrated team with tailored tools developed for you needs.

Digital Innovation

A full integrated 3D modeling innovative offer :
• BIM management from project start-up to completion
• 3D model from concept to completion
• Fluid (CFD) and structure modeling tools
• Database automatically transferred from 3D model to energy modeling software
• User process equipment or interfaces will be integrated on Navisworks

Technological Innovation

Our engineering and research development workforce will support your future technological development needs.


Key dates

January 2017
Merger of the entities and opening of the office in Aix-en-Provence.

Combining these 5 firms under the same multidisciplinary entity, TEM PARTNERS, and creating the ARCHING Group.

Creation of the engineering firm RÉFLEX’ÉCO, specializing in sustainable development and energy design and engineering.

Creation of the engineering firm ITEE fluides, specializing in residential projects.

Creation of the engineering firm AUBERGER FAVRE, specializing in MEP on engineering.

Creation of the engineering firm AUBERGER FAVRE, specializing in project energy savings.

Creation of the consulting firm MARTIN, specializing in building structure consulting.